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the vous
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The 'Vous 


(Post-Production) Feature DocumentArY

Celebrating its 70th year, the world famous Memphis BBQ Institution The Rendezvous faces unprecedented change as the legendary waiters retire and the “family” business moves into a third generation. 

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(Post-ProdUCTION) Feature Documentary/Documentary Series.

a court-side seat into the high stakes, big money consumer case arena, where charismatic, elite trial Lawyer 'David's' go head to head with the largest corporatE Goliaths in the world that continue to put profits before people.

​Kings of Tort is an up-close tour of the controversial, high-stakes world of tort law. With access to the most powerful trial lawyers in the country, this documentary is an intimate look at the colorful elite lawyers of the industry devoting their lives and risking their personal fortunes to fight corporate Goliaths and deliver justice to their clients. Through interviews, verite, and archival footage, this documentary examines the role, skills and perception of the top trial attorneys in America, the history of mass torts and the political and cultural forces that keep the wheels of justice from turning.
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(Development/Production) Feature Documentary / Documentary Series
While facing the reality that he will one day lose what remains of his Hearing and Vision, teenage Deaf-Blind bowler phenom Jacob Gaddam (averaging 234/game) competes in National tournaments and attends the prestigious Helen Keller Center in New York as he prepares to become a professional Bowler.
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Llego Hoy

(Post-Production) Narrative Feature

Marta and Chuy try to smuggle her son into the states. When the day arrives, someone else shows up unidentified looking for answers as well.
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God Hates Gaga

(Post-ProdUCTION) Documentary

In 2010, The Grand-daughter of the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church prepares and stages a picket of a Lady Gaga concert during the worst snow storm in Kansas history because the bible says that God, in fact, hates Gaga.
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Down for the CouNT

(Development) DOcumentary Series
The controversiaL, preeminent and timely Story based on the book on elections and election scandals throughout American history and today.
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All About Ann

The first feature documentary produced by Mudroom Producer, Jack Lofton. Pre-mudroom, All About Ann was a biopic of Ann Richards, the hilarious-straight talking Governor of Texas. Featured interviews with: Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, President Clinton, Lily Tomlin, Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw. Film was acquired by HBO and premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.
kings of tort
god hates gaga
down for the count
all about ann
Llego Hoy
Conquering Lanes
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